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The Secret to Getting Stuff Done – Taproot Nutrition
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The Secret to Getting Stuff Done

There is only one reason I’m writing this blog post right now instead of getting into bed for some hard-earned beauty sleep, and it’s the same reason I’ll be getting up at sunrise the day after tomorrow to go for a run. Accountability. You see, as I learned from the brilliant Gretchen Rubin and her framework of the Four Tendencies, I’m an Obliger. I readily meet outer expectations, though I may waffle on meeting internal ones. And apparently, of the four tendencies, Obliger is the most common, so I know I’m not alone.

A friend and I who are both trying to kick our blogging habits into gear, and who are both Obligers, laid out goals for ourselves on our publication schedules, and to make them stick, we’re holding each other accountable. She texted me today to remind me that I have a due date.

My neighbor has gotten me running again (a wagon I seem to fall off of regularly, despite truly loving it), but we stopped as the mornings got too dark. She texted me today to make sure we were going to get running again this week now that the time has changed and we won’t be out with the pre-dawn coyotes. I’m on it. Without her? I’d be sleeping in.

Accountability is the secret sauce that will allow you to get shit done. And it’s another reason why knowing all the things sometimes just isn’t enough. I have people ask me regularly what I think about various diet strategies, books, trends, and supplements. They read all the things and then they dabble. Maybe they try something on for a week or two, but never long enough to see real transformation, and then they’re either off the wagon or on to the next new shiny promise. Or maybe they can never even manage to get started in the first place without any external motivation.

The truth is, any successful health journey is much more like the steady Tortoise than the hectic Hare. Taking off with a bang but napping halfway through won’t get you to the finish line. You have to make steady progress every day, and truthfully, sometimes that gets a little dull. That’s when it’s most tempting to veer off track or give up and try something new, and that’s when having accountability can be most powerful. You see, while there are some people who can read a health book, make all the necessary changes recommended therein, and then stick with the changes long enough to see real and lasting transformation (yay for them!!), a majority of folks need more—they need a framework and a coach or a power partner. 

In my practice, I’ve certainly had plenty of people with no idea where to start, and we start from square one. They needed the knowledge, the framework, AND the accountability. I’ve also worked with fellow nutritionists, and with people who either already knew a lot or were basically doing many of the “right” things but without the results they were hoping for. These folks needed a fresh set of eyes—and accountability to manage what we uncovered. 

What about you? Have a lingering or chronic health issue, like digestive distress, persistent thyroid symptoms, or imbalanced hormones? Have you tried various diets and conventional treatments to no avail? Contact me for a free case-history review.

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  • Ashley Castle
    November 9, 2016 at 10:01 AM

    Obligers, unite!! Thanks for being my accountability partner and for rocking out an awesome post 🙂

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